School Council

Welcome to our School Council Pages.

There is a new School Council elected every academic year via our offical election process.  Two members are elected from each year group, ranging from years 1 - 6, making 12 members in all each year.

School Council Constitution







To make the school and all around the school a better place for all, this includes children, parents, staff, governors and visitors.
To act as a link between the Head teacher / Staff School Council Member and governors.

Make up of the council

Chair Person
Class Representatives from years 1 – 6

Chair and Secretary
To be nominated after every meeting so that the role can be shared and more children can experience taking a lead role.

Class Representatives
There will be two representatives from year 1 – 6. These will be elected by the class and will serve on the council for 1 full academic year. School Council members cannot be re-elected to give everybody a chance.

The constitution was agreed in September 2008.

School Council Members for 2019-20 are: ( follow shortly!)

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