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The Cornerstones Curriculum is a skills and knowledge-based curriculum with a creative edge.

Imaginative Learning Projects

The Cornerstones Curriculum is based on Imaginative Learning Projects…called ILPs. Each ILP has an overarching theme linked to a national curriculum subject. In addition to the main subject focus, each ILP makes meaningful links across a range of subjects and covers multiple aspects of the national curriculum. In each ILP, lessons are organised in a weekly series and link national curriculum programmes of study (the knowledge bit) and age-related skills (the skills bit).

Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express

The Four Cornerstones of Learning provide the structure on which to build your curriculum. These are called Engage, Develop, Innovate, and Express.

Put simply, the four stages are as follows:

Engage – hook children in with a memorable experience.
Develop – allow children time to gather the skills and knowledge they need to develop a deep understanding.
Innovate – offer creative experiences that allow children to apply their skills, knowledge and understanding.
Express – provide the space and time for reflecting, evaluating, and celebrating learning.

For further information relating to our school curriculum including long term plans (Cycle A / Cycle B) and ILP overviews for home, please scroll down to the 'Files to Download' section.

Statement of curriculum intent

In a caring Christian environment, each individual is motivated to develop a love of learning and a curiosity for the world we live in.  The curriculum offers significant opportunity to deepen understanding, develop aspirations and enrich the lives of all learners. Together we aim high, stay strong and are determined to do our very best to develop resilience and confidence in becoming thoughtful citizens of the future.

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